Book review: Cut the Crap and Feel AMAZING by Alisa Frank

book review cut the crap and feel amazing ailsa frank

How’s your 2015 going so far? At this time of year there’s a big market for anything connected to resolutions, self help and personal change, and I thought you might be interested in a review of Cut the Crap and Feel AMAZING by hypnotherapist Ailsa Frank.

As you may already know, I can be quite critical of certain self-help writing, especially things that get you whipped up into a great mood, but that then leave you hanging with nothing further to work with – essentially setting you up for disappointment after the initial buzz wears off. It can almost become an addictive cycle: feel down, buy book, feel better for a bit, nothing happens, feel down again, buy another book, feel better temporarily and so on.

Good news. This book isn’t like that. Phew! There are lots of exercises at the start of the book that involve using positive language and creative visualisation to get yourself feeling more optimistic, less stressed and more motivated. Then, happily, the book moves on to making all kinds of active choices and decisions, and there’s a chapter at the end that’s partly about not making any more excuses. It makes the reader feel accountable, and able to effect change in a practical way.

The scope of the book

Many different scenarios are discussed throughout the book, including relationship problems, health and stress issues, addictions and obsessions, bereavement and so on. There are also three chapters devoted to money: Money and wealth, Debt, and real life money stories.

With the Debt chapter, for example, the reader is encouraged to feel positive about getting out of debt, to downsize and reduce other spending, to retrain or search for better paid work, to combine advice with common sense, to find contentment in what they already have and find pleasure in the little things in life, and to avoid ‘insane’ (irrational and harmful) thinking and spending patterns. All in all, most of it adds up to tough love, and there’s lots of sensible advice about planning, and the power of saving and creating financial stability.

Not your usual self help book fare, and if you were in debt and feeling down or helpless about it then it’s likely that it would be quite useful to read, and keep to hand. Some of the debt information feels a bit mixed into general personal finance and wealth creation advice, but that doesn’t detract from it too much and it could help people to see that they have a financial future after they’ve paid off their debts.

One thing though. There is a lot of persuasive language used throughout this book, and you may find yourself being strangely drawn towards buying one or more of Ailsa’s hypnotherapy CDs or audio downloads. NB: that doesn’t mean I’ve spotted anything unethical going on, just thought I’d mention it!

To sum up: Quite a practical self-help book that appears to be based largely upon scientific principles and common sense rather than mumbo jumbo. An upbeat and easy read that pulls no punches about taking personal responsibility, and emphasises the importance of things such as planning, training, qualifications and generally making an effort in your own life to get maximum results.

Cut the Crap and Feel AMAZING by Ailsa Frank has an RRP of £14.99 for the hardcover, and is also available in Kindle format at Amazon for £6.86.

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