Book review: Cake Characters by Ann Pickard

Ann Pickard sugarcraftEver wanted to learn about sugarcraft, but didn’t know where to begin? I’ve been finding out the fun way by reading Cake Characters by Ann Pickard.

It’s full of different presentation ideas, and includes various ways to cover cakes and create models to go on top of them. There are plenty of illustrations to see you through the process step by step, and show you how to use the right tools to make shapes and patterns.

There’s also plenty of advice about using sugarpaste, colourings, royal icing and so on. It includes some of the tricks of the trade that you might not have thought to use, and that’s what’s invaluable.

It’s set out in a way that would make a beginner feel confident enough to have a try, and it would be a jumping off point for making your own unique creations that are personalised for friends and family.

All in all, this would be a very nice stocking filler for someone who already knows how to make a tasty cake, but doesn’t have much cake decorating experience.

I’ve also had the chance to look at another of Ann’s books: Crafty Cupcakes. This contains similar technical information to the first book, plus a cupcake recipe and advice about shapes, and 30 different creative projects that use a range of techniques.

Both these books have an RRP of £9.99. If you buy them direct from Ann Pickard’s website then you can get a signed copy.

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  1. Thanks Penny. The Crafty Cupcakes book is currently on offer if you buy online you get another of my books free. Are you a cake decorator? Did you make anything from the books?

  2. Hi Ann! That’s a good deal on the Crafty Cupcakes book, thanks for letting people know about it.

    I do a bit of cake decorating here and there, but rarely do anything fancy. Feeling much more inspired and confident after reading the book and will be wreaking havoc on the Christmas cake in due course.

    Penny x

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