Book review: 30 Day Freelancing Challenge by Emma Cossey

Today’s book review is an ebook written by pro-blogger and freelancer Emma Cossey, who gives you the benefit of her experience in a 30-day challenge.

The book’s available from the Nikki Pilkington website, and essentially it’s a jump-start for anyone who’s thinking about going freelance. There are different tasks to complete on a daily basis, some of which are quick and straightforward, others more complex or time consuming.

It breaks down the freelance start-up process into nice, simple steps that are straightforward and not too intimidating. This means you’re unlikely to feel overwhelmed and that there’s too much to do all at once.

I’d say it’s also possibly a helpful kick up the backside for anyone who’s been freelancing for a few months but has perhaps slipped into complacent habits or neglected one or more aspects of their business. It’s very practical and would give you a ‘tick list’.

One of the best things about the book is that some of the daily tasks come with carefully selected resources to use, and further reading to help you increase your knowledge base. This is really well chosen and interesting, and if there’s a second edition of this 30 Day Challenge then I’d love to see more of it included.

To sum up: a practical challenge that sets you one manageable task each day. In many ways this is more like a project than a book, and it would certainly help most would-be freelancers to get up and running.

You can currently purchase The 30 Day Freelancing Challenge by Emma Cossey as an ebook for £8.00 at

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