Blossom Cottage morello cherry cordial review

Blossom Cottage morello cherry cordial review taste test Penny Golightly

This week’s Treat Under £10 is Blossom Cottage morello cherry cordial, and here’s a quick review for you.

Blossom Cottage is made by the same people who make Bottlegreen drinks, and at the moment they have three cordials: elderflower, blackcurrant and vanilla, and morello cherry. The cherry flavoured one is my favourite so far.

The star ingredient is a lot of concentrated natural cherry juice (25%), with some spring water, sugar, natural flavourings and stabiliser. Due to the amount of natural juice the cordial has the proper flavour of real cherries, rather than that nasty synthetic flavour you find in canned cherryades, cherry colas and other ‘cherry’ drinks.

It isn’t too sweet, and has a complex flavour with a bit of a tang to it, making it more of a grown up product.

The cordial is supposed to be mixed as one part concentrate to four parts water, but you could water it down a little more than this and get a few more drinks out of the same bottle if you don’t have such a sweet tooth.

It works very well mixed into still or sparkling water. On a colder day it’s also nice with boiling water added to make a hot drink.

The flavour has enough depth to it to make a good cocktail mixer, and it could be used as a non-alcoholic substitute for cherry brandy. It could also be added to desserts, for example drizzled over a chocolate sponge, added to a custard, or poured onto some icecream.

Once opened, the morello cherry cordial needs to be refrigerated and it will keep for at least a month.

Blossom Cottage morello cherry cordial is available at Asda (£2.00 for 500ml), Sainsbury’s (£2.29), Ocado (£2.29) and Waitrose (£2.29). It often turns up in supermarket offers, so keep an eye out for it.

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