What bloggers really think about commercial infographics

What bloggers really think by Penny Golightly


The next time any random financial company asks me to share their ‘fabulous’ infographic and assumes that all bloggers were born yesterday, they’ll be getting a copy of this by return email. I say ‘the next time’ but this is happening pretty much on a daily basis now, so I guess it will be tomorrow…

And it isn’t about free publicity if the next culprit is a payday loans company. No publicity at all for them, you have my word.

Feel free to share. Hee hee.

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  1. Love it – you are right – I’m on my 4th infographic sent with some random branding at the bottom – it’s really annoying – can I post on my blog if I link back to you?

  2. Hi Lucy – you’re very welcome to post this on your blog, and I hope it fends off any more annoying infographics for you.

  3. I completely agree! I get offers of so many incredibly dull and inappropriate infographics from unlikely sources (plumbing and home improvement companies seem to be a favourite at the moment..).

    I have never carried one of these infographics for many reasons you’ve beautifully illustrated. I’d add my own which is that in many cases the infographic either says nothing useful or says it in a very confusing way.

  4. Hi Sarah – sorry to hear that they’re swamping you too. Good point about the non-useful content as well, so many of them are confusing or generally irrelevant. Aaarrggh, make it stop!

    P x

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