Best supermarket liqueurs for Christmas 2022

I do love a little glass of chilled, creamy liqueur in the run up to Christmas, and it almost wouldn’t be Christmas without it for me. How about you?

For 2022, the supermarkets have brought back a number of old favourites – nostalgia rules when there’s an economic downturn – and they’ve introduced a few new ones for the more adventurous.

You’re in for a treat today: each of these supermarket own-brand offerings has won at least two top awards, most of which were in blind taste tests, including several gold medals and first prizes. Feast your eyes on the top seven I’ve picked out.

M and S salted caramel brownie cream liqueur

M&S Salted Caramel Brownie Flavour Cream Liqueur 70cl | RRP £10.00

Buy online at Ocado or in store at M&S. 

Awards: Good Housekeeping Best Festive Liqueur Winner 88/100, IWSC silver medal 90/100, ISC silver medal.

Notes: A chocolatey blend of real cream, alcohol, salted caramel and sea salt.

Buy at Ocado

Aldi Ballycastle white chocolate country cream liqueur

Aldi Ballycastle White Chocolate Flavour Country Cream 70cl | RRP £7.49

Limited edition brought back for 2022. If you have a sweet tooth, this one’s for you.

Awards: Spirits Business Liqueur Masters 2022 master medal (like a platinum medal), IWSC silver medal 91/100, ISC bronze medal.

Notes: Tastes like boozy Milkybar or white chocolate mice, rich and creamy, with notes of vanilla.

Buy at Aldi

Tesco Finest Irish Cream Liqueur Gingerbread Latte

Tesco Finest Gingerbread Latte Irish Cream Liqueur 70cl | RRP £12.60

Drink over ice or float some over an after dinner coffee.

Awards: Olive magazine winner; Good Housekeeping 4th place 81/100, IWSC bronze medal

Notes: The right level of sweetness to alcohol, with a touch of coffee, real Irish single malt whiskey and warmth from the gentle gingerbread flavour.

Buy at Tesco

Aldi Ballycastle Chocolate and Clementine Cream

Aldi Ballycastle Chocolate & Clementine Cream 70cl | £7.50

It’s not Terry’s, it’s Aldi’s favourite limited edition back for 2022. The best of the choc-orange-y offerings this year.

Awards: Spirits Business Liqueur Masters gold medal, ISC Gold medal,  IWSC silver medal 90/100.

Notes: Thick and creamy chocolate in harmony with bright and zesty orange, and a perfectly balanced sweetness.

Buy at Aldi

Aldi Infusionist Gold Flake Clementine Gin Liqueur

Aldi The Infusionist 23ct Gold Flake Clementine Flavoured Gin Liqueur 70cl | £13.99

The only supermarket winner of winners this year that isn’t a cream liqueur.

Awards: Spirits Business Liqueur Masters 2022 gold medal, Good Housekeeping 3rd place 85/100.

Notes: A pretty bottle ideal for gifting, and flavoured with zingy, pithy clementine notes. The gold leaf sparkles for special occasions. Drink over ice or mixed with prosecco.

Buy at Aldi

Aldi Ballycastle espresso martini cream liqueur

Aldi Ballycastle Espresso Martini Flavour Country Cream 70cl | £7.50

A limited edition, brand new for 2022.

Awards: Spirits Business Liqueur Masters gold medal, IWC silver medal.

Notes: A much creamier version of the classic pick-me-up coffee based cocktail.

Buy at Aldi

M and S Golden Blond Chocolate Flavour Cream Liqueur

M&S Golden Blond Chocolate Flavour Cream Liqueur 70cl | £10.00

Buy online at Ocado or in store at M&S.

Awards: IWSC silver medal 91/100, ISC bronze medal

Notes: Rich and indulgent, with aromas of toffee, fudge and caramel cream.

Buy at Ocado

That’s a lot of lovely liqueurs! Will you be trying any of these for Christmas?


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