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Christmas and New Year are peak times for Brits buying champagne, and if you’re going to splash out a bit then it makes sense to look for the tastiest one you can find. Obviously the 2022 financial squeeze means we’re looking harder for reasonable prices to go with that good flavour, and that’s where many of the big supermarkets are able to compete.

I’m sticking to the higher rated non-vintage champagnes and the rosés for my 2022 round-up as that’s where you’ll get the most bang – and pop, and fizz – for your buck right now. The supermarket vintage champagnes didn’t do that well in the taste testings this year (apart from one that promptly completely sold out months ago), so let’s stick with the best available bargains you can put in your shopping basket.

Best champagne, non-vintage

There is one obvious ‘winner of winners’ this year, but I’ve included three others that came close in the Best of the Best section. They have good offers on at the moment and some people prefer to shop with a particular supermarket, so it’s nice to have that choice.

Anyway, let’s go straight to that winner…

Tesco champagne 1er cru

Tesco Finest Premier Cru Champagne, NV | RRP £23.00

This year’s obvious winner, far ahead of the competition.

Awards: IWC Great Value Champion Sparkling 2022 & IWC Great Value Sparkling under £25 & 94/100; IWSC Silver Medal & 91/100; Good Housekeeping winner 84/100; Olive magazine winner, Which? magazine winner.

Notes: complex wine with notes of lemon peel, roasted almonds and toasted brioche, with creamy buttery richness on the finish and smooth, velvety bubbles.

Buy at Tesco

Morrisons Etienne Leclair Brut NV champagne

Morrisons The Best Etienne Leclair Brut Champagne | £23.00  

In buy 3 get 25% off deal making it £17.25 per bottle.

Awards: IWC Great Value Sparkling between £12 and £20 & Silver Medal & 92/10 

Notes: Biscuity nose, fresh and zesty flavour with buttery note and complex character, and long finish. 

Buy at Morrisons

Morrisons Etienne Leclair Brut Premier Cru champagne


Morrisons The Best Etienne Leclair 1er Cru Brut | RRP £27.00

Not to be confused with the bottle above! A complex wine that wowed the judges, but it’s more expensive than others in this category. In buy 3 get 25% off deal making it £20.25 per bottle. 

Awards: IWSC Silver Medal & 92/100; Good Housekeeping 2nd Place 81/100; IWC Silver Medal & 90/100; Decanter Bronze Medal & 86/100

Notes: Delicate and balanced style, notes of honeysuckle, yellow apple, sultana and nutty biscuits, and impressive foam.

Buy at Morrisons

Waitrose Blanc de Noirs Brut NV champagne

Waitrose, Blanc de Noirs Brut | RRP £26.99

In 25% off mixed case of 6 deal making it £20.24 per bottle.

Awards: Decanter Silver Medal & 92/100; Good Housekeeping 3rd place 80/100, Olive Magazine 2nd place; IWSC Bronze Medal.

Notes: Rich and complex, with refreshing notes of green apple, almonds, lemon zest, biscuit and pastry.

Buy at Waitrose

Best of the rest:

The following non-vintage champagnes scored slightly fewer points in various taste tests, but they still won various medals and have the advantage of lower pricing if you want a special treat that’s less pricey.

Aldi Veuve Monsigny Brut | £14.99

  • PENNY’S PICK for quality on a budget
  • IWC Silver Medal 90/100, IWSC Bronze Medal
  • Toasty brioche and citrus notes, fine mousse, long finish

Buy at Aldi

Marks & Spencer, Delacourt Brut NV | RRP £22.00

  • Single bottles at Ocado or by the case at M&S
  • Decanter Silver Medal & 90/100
  • Zesty and citrussy, with lemon and peach notes.

Buy at Ocado

M&S Louis Vertay Brut | £18.00

  • Very popular with customers at Ocado and M&S
  • Decanter Bronze Medal 87/100, IWSC Bronze Medal
  • Notes of flowers, honey, red apples, brioche

Buy at Ocado

Co-op Les Pionniers Champagne NV | £19.50

  • Now available for home delivery, £1 cheaper in most stores
  • Good Housekeeping 3rd place 78/100 & Best Budget Champagne
  • Well-balanced lemon peel, brioche and lively bubbles

Buy at Co-Op

Asda Louvel Fontaine Brut | £18.00

  • Not on special offer yet, but likely soon
  • IWSC Bronze Medal, Decanter Bronze Medal 87/100, IWC Bronze Medal
  • Notes of apple crumble, soft spice, citrus and vanilla.

Buy at Asda

Rosé champagne

For them wot likes their drinks pink, there were three supermarket offerings that stood out.

Waitrose champagne brut rose

Waitrose Rosé Brut Champagne NV | RRP £26.99

In 25% off 6 bottles deal, making it £22.49 per bottle.

Awards: Decanter Silver Medal & 90/100; IWSC Bronze Medal; Good Housekeeping best supermarket rosé champagne 84/10

Notes: Fresh and fragrant, with creamy red cherry and wild strawberry fruit.

Buy at Waitrose

Marks and Spencer Delacourt cuvee rose brut champagne

M&S Delacourt Rosé Brut NV | £24.00

A little cheaper by the bottle than the Waitrose winner, unless you’re doing a bulk buy.

Awards: Decanter Bronze Medal & 89/100; IWSC Bronze Medal; Good Housekeeping 4th place 77/100.

Notes: Dry, with flavours of raspberry, strawberry, cherry and biscuit.

Buy at Ocado

Morrisons the Best Etienne Leclair Brut Rose

Morrisons The Best Etienne Leclair Brut Rose Champagne | £24.00 

Buy 3 save 25% deal, making it £18.00 per bottle.

Awards: IWC Bronze Medal; IWSC Bronze Medal.

Notes: Bright and lively bubbles with apple notes and creamy strawberry finish.  

Buy at Morrisons


That’s it for the best supermarket champagne this year, but I’ll be back soon with some award-winning prosecco, cava and other sparkling wines for more budget-friendly fizz.

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