Autumn Winter 2019 capsule wardrobe outfits

Capsule wardrobe autumn winter 2019 Penny Golightly

A couple of days ago I wrote about my top picks for a flexible 20-piece Autumn Winter capsule wardrobe. It’s all been carefully chosen to make it super easy to mix and match, but sometimes it’s good to see a visual representation of how simple it can be to create different basic outfits and style them up and down.

The five different tops and five different trousers/skirts give you 25 basic clothing combinations. Each one of those basic combos can then be styled using different jackets, shoes and accessories to make at least two great looks, so in total even a beginner should be able to create at least 50 coherent outfits. With more experience you might be able to create 100 different looks or so.

Let’s run through a working week of clothes, randomly picking different tops, trousers and skirts from the wardrobe – then show you some ideas for styling them according to your mood or occasion.

Here we go…

OUTFIT 1: Orange tiger jumper + cropped mom jeans

capsule wardrobe winter 2019 tiger top blue jeans

The outfit on the left is inspired by this year’s 90s retro catwalk influences, with the mom jeans, grungey knits, a backpack and chunky lace-up boots. For a smarter but still relaxed look add a longline blazer, a check scarf and white trainers for running around town in style.

OUTFIT 2: Off-white shirt + brown check trousers

capsule wardrobe winter 2019 white shirt check trouser

On the left we have a super-preppy outfit that’s just right for a lunch meeting. Need something a little more dressy? Channel the heritage look with checks, knits, and ladylike bag and boots.

OUTFIT 3: Black floral blouse + burgundy trousers

capsule wardrobe winter 2019 dark floral wine cords

One outfit plays with textures, the other plays with the colour palette. Add to the cosy feel of corduroy by adding a warm cardigan for a pretty but low-key outfit. Alternatively, intensify the colours in the blouse and trousers by adding the toning jewellery, jacket, handbag and boots for a take on the dark floral catwalk trend.

OUTFIT 4: Purple jumper + black straight leg jeans

capsule wardrobe winter 2019 purple jumper black jeans

Sometimes you just want something minimal and quick to throw together, and this outfit on the left is perfect for running errands or wandering around window shopping. Later, you can dress it up a little more with a cheerful scarf and different boots for a casual night out.

OUTFIT 5: Black cardigan top + matching midi skirt

capsule wardrobe winter 2019 black cardigan skirt coords


The co-ordinating black top and skirt fit together to make the equivalent of a little black dress, which is always chic and versatile. Add the most feminine accessories and a slick of red lipstick to get ready for a glamorous evening out. Dinner date, anyone? Or add white trainers and a printed scarf for informal blogger style, and head out for brunch with friends.

There we go, this just goes to show how a week of random selections can be turned into a week of stylish options with a little know-how. If you’d like to have another look at everything in the full 20-piece capsule wardrobe you can find that here.

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