Asda’s best value summer wines and spirits

Asda wines summer showcase 2018

I was recently lucky enough to go along to the Asda Summer 2018 drinks showcase where I had the opportunity to try out a huge range of wines, cavas, proseccos, champagnes and spirits. There were some absolute bargain gems among them, so here’s my selection of the tastiest and best value drinks to stock up on.

It was a mixture of new-to-market drinks and some more established favourites that are perfect for summer drinking and entertaining. Some of it will be arriving in stores very soon, and the rest of the wines are available now so I’ve linked to those on the Asda website so that you can take a better look for yourself.

Some of them are in special offers this week, so look out for those too. Cheers!


Non-alcoholic wines

Asda summer wines non alcoholic sparkling chardonnay rose

It’s hard to find decent tasting non-alcoholic wine, but the Be Free dealcoholised range has some drinkable options. The Be Free white sparkling wine, £2.98, was my favourite of the bunch and it’s easy drinking, sweet and peachy. In stores soon.

I also thought the Be Free chardonnay and Be Free rosé, £2.48 each, were pleasant and quaffable too, although they were more like grown up fruit juice than wine exactly. They’d be a nice alternative to orange or apple juice if you wanted a change, especially for designated drivers and non-drinkers in general.


White wines

Busby Estate / Margaret River Sauvignon Blanc Semillon, £4.98. An easy drinking dry white wine that’s zesty, and good with food (seafood, smoked salmon, chicken, turkey etc). Really good value.

Cortabella Pinot Grigio, £5.98 (on rollback offer for £5.00). Crisp flavours of minerals and citrus, goes well with fish, chicken or vegetable dishes. Has won medals from IWSC and IWC, bit of a bargain too.

Asda Extra Special Chenin Blanc, £6.00. Notes of mangoes, nectarines, peaches, honey and cream. Made from old vines and barrel fermented. A great price for a nice quality drink.

Asda Extra Special Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, £6.48. This is a multi-award-winning sauv blanc with a smooth flavour, fresh acidity, gooseberry notes and a long finish. Easily my favourite of the Asda sauvignon blancs.

Asda Extra Special Gavi, £6.98. A deliciously crisp white wine with citrus, floral and mineral notes, and a nutty finish. Would be good with fish, chicken or light vegetable dishes. Multi-award winning, including IWCS, Decanter and IWC. One to stock up on.

Kakapo, £6.98 (currently £6.00). A blended white wine from New Zealand with a nice balance of citrus and exotic fruit flavours. Easy drinking and good value, this has also won awards from IWSC and Decanter.

Clara Hills Signature Albariño, £7.18. A zippy, dry wine with notes of lemon, lime, apple and grapefruit. Great with food, especially light, fresh dishes. Gained medals from IWSC, Decanter and IWC.

Asda Summer showcase white wines

Ca’Mandato Pinot Grigio, £7.48. This is a pleasantly crisp wine with floral, apple and pear notes, balanced acidity and a minerally finish.

Asda Extra Special Vernaccia di San Gimignano, £7.78. An unusual white wine that’s dry, crisp and has a touch of bitter almond on the finish. Good with seafood and lighter pasta dishes. Has won several medals: IWSC, Decanter and Great Food Awards.

Swartland Chenin Blanc, £8.00 (currently priced £6.00). My favourite of the chenin blancs on offer, if you have a couple of extra pounds to spare. Fresh and nicely balanced, with notes of green apple, citrus and tropical fruit.

Asda Extra Special Chablis, £11.98. A very dry, flinty chablis with notes of white flowers, lemon and peach. Would be great with seafood if you’re having a special meal.


Rosé wines

Asda summer wines 2018 new rose wines review

Les Estivales Rosé, £6.98 (on offer for £6.00 at the moment). A light flavoured blend of three grapes (Cinsault, Merlot, Grenache) with a hint of raspberry. Something nice to take to a picnic or a summer dinner party.

Asda Extra Special King Valley Rosé, £8.98. A refined rosé made from 100% sangiovese grapes. Light flavours of mixed berries, and medals from Decanter and IWC.


Red wines

Asda Extra Special Carmenere, £6.00. Full bodied wine with notes of black fruits, redcurrant and chocolate, good with BBQ. It’s won medals from IWSC and the Quality Food Awards.

Asda summer wines new reds

Coffee Pinotage, £8.48. A coffee-infused pinotage that sounds a bit wrong and tastes oh so right. A very gutsy red with a caffeinated kick that can stand up to BBQ meats, tomatoey pasta and smoked cheese. Coming soon.

Ménage à Trois Midnight, £9.98. Yes, it has a cheeky name and a sexy black label, and it would most likely get you a funny look from the host if you brought it along to a dinner party. Meanwhile, it’s a delicious, nicely blended red with blackberry and damson flavours, and soft, velvety tannins and I’d happily stock up on a few more of these (at least three *cough* *cough* *cough*). In stores soon…


Sparkling wines and champagne

Asda summer wines budget bargain cheap cava prosecco sparkling

Priogrigio, £5.00 (on offer, 2 for £9.00). An Italian sparkling wine with floral, peach and citrus notes. A smooth, easy drinking alternative to prosecco at a great price.

Casa Luis Cava Rosé Brut, £5.98. The best of the new season pink sparkling wines that I tried, and it’s under six quid, rejoice! This multi-award-winner is dry with light, fruity notes and a hint of strawberry.

Yellow Label Prosecco Extra Dry, 6.00. A big customer favourite, with medals from IWSC, Decanter and IWC, this was also a big tick on my list. Dry and refreshing with balanced acidity, and citrus notes.

Asda summer wines mid price sparkling wine

Marques del Norte Vintage Cava, £6.00. This would be an ideal party wine, with its fresh, crisp taste and notes of citrus and apple. It’s also won awards from IWSC and IWC.

Fillipo Sansovino Millesimato Brut Prosecco, £9.98 (on offer for £7.00). My favourite of the prosecco offerings, this is dry, nicely balanced and has a hint of pear, plus apple and lemon. Ideal for ‘drinks and nibbles’ evenings. It’s also gained medals from IWSC, Decanter and IWC – stock up on this one while it’s on offer.

Louvel Fontaine Champagne, £18.00. A non-vintage champagne that stands up to a taste test just as well as the bigger brands that cost a whole lot more. Notes of biscuit and citrus, and has won a string of awards.

Louis Bernard Extra Special Vintage Champagne (Brut), £22.00. This 2007 vintage champagne definitely lives up to the extra special in its name. It’s rich and complex, with notes of apple and brioche and plenty of fine bubbles, making it something to drink on a special occasion.



Baileys Almande, £19.00. A non-dairy version of Baileys with a more refreshing, almondy vanilla flavour, less sugar, and a lighter consistency than the original. The new formulation is now suitable for vegans as they’ve taken out the honey.

Asda summer 2018 drinks spirits

Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla Gin, £25.00. A light, summery gin that’s floral and fruity, with notes of bittersweet Seville Oranges. Mix with Fever Tree’s Mediterranean Tonic Water and enjoy over plenty of ice.

Bacardi Añejo Quatro, £25.00. A golden rum that’s been aged for four years in old bourbon barrels, this is a huge cut above their standard offerings and would be great in cocktails. Rounded flavours of toasted oak, toffee, cloves and vanilla.

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Rye Whiskey, £32.00. If, like me, you find standard JD too sweet, you will be very pleasantly surprised by this new offering that’s made with rye. It’s drier, spicier and more complex, is far nicer to sip, and would be ideal in cocktails such as a Manhattan.


Hope you liked all these best buys from the Asda 2018 summer collection, and I think there’s something for just about every taste and budget (especially if you like a bargain).

I’ll be bringing you a few more food and drink showcases as they come along, so watch out for those.


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