A month of getting fit for free: Week 4

Can’t believe three weeks have gone by on this project already, but the free fitness project is now starting to feel like a worthwhile investment of time and effort (but not money, of course).

get fit for free week 4

Someone gave me a hug a couple of days ago, and said ‘where’s all that muscle come from?’ Three whole weeks in, and there’s an obvious difference in my physique. In fact there’s quite a difference in me generally.

Benefits of the free fitness regime so far:

  • More energy in general
  • Clearly improved tone in stomach muscles
  • More defined leg muscles
  • Better posture
  • Much better sleeping patterns
  • Obvious physical results are encouraging me to keep going

It took nearly three weeks for my appetite to increase in response to the extra exercise, which I have to admit I wasn’t expecting. A bit worrying at the time, but I’ve been remembering to have snacks even when I wasn’t especially hungry, so have managed to avoid wasting away. You have to eat properly when you’re training to get the full benefits of the exercise.

To be honest, I’m a bit surprised at how quickly my body’s been snapping back into shape. It’s probably because I’ve been in reasonable nick in the past, and had some residual muscle tone to start with. Probably should have done some ‘before’ photos, but never mind.

So I have seven more days to really go for it, and have another series of workouts planned plus a rest day of extreme laziness. After the month’s up I’ll change my schedule to maintenance mode for a while, and see how that goes.

One thing that this has reminded me of: fitness is not an expensive commodity – you can do it for free, and it’s mainly a case of making the effort to schedule the exercise time in and prioritising your plan. 

Are you tempted?

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