A month of getting fit for free: Week 3

It’s the mid point of my month of getting fit for free, and at the beginning of week three I’m now working harder instead of longer. Not quite as rude as it sounds, sorry to disappoint.

get fit for free week 3

Last week I did more light reps and cycled for longer. This week I’m using heavier weights, and more resistance on the bike – and spending slightly less total time exercising. After all, there really is a limit to the number of hours of exercise you can fit into the average week, especially if you have other interests and obligations. Then again, this particular challenge is only for a month.

I’m still alternating exercises for abs, upper body and legs on different days, and even though it’s only been two full weeks I’m starting to see a slight difference in muscle tone. My posture’s already improving, and my stomach and legs are feeling a bit more trim, although I think it’ll be another fortnight before I see an obvious difference.

Must confess I did feel a bit lazy today, and nearly bailed on some of the exercises. However, being publicly accountable made me get up and get on with it, and I know from past experience that this is the point where it’s far too easy to get bored or distracted, or start making up excuses for not doing what you set out to do.

The only way around this problem is through it, and it’s good to be aware of the tricks that your own mind can play on you to keep you stuck in your old habits. Eyes on the prize and all that. I’m going to go upstairs in a minute and have another look at my lovely party dress, to remind myself what I set out to do in the first place.

Meanwhile, I’m still cooking simple healthy meals, making sure I drink more water, and generally taking a bit more care of my health. The main difference is that I’m having bigger lunches that are more nutritious than my usual quick snacks, and the extra portions of vegetables seem to be doing me some good.

The grocery bills seem to be a bit smaller lately, if anything, so I’m still convinced that eating a basic healthy diet doesn’t have to cost you extra. What do you think?

How are your fitness levels this week? Are you doing some free fitness?

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