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Christmas in September Xmas prep save money

Christmas prep in September

Following on from the article in August, here are a few ideas to help you spread the cost of Christmas in September. Let’s start with a few tips to stop budgets spiralling out of control. This month and next month are a good time to start managing expectations, and we all know deep down that […]

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Tenner Week Sep 2017 Day 7 Coy up and get comfortable keep warm save money

Tenner Week Sep 2017: Day 7: Cosy up and get comfortable

It’s the final day of this latest Tenner Week Challenge. How are you getting on? What’s your budget looking like so far? Today’s activity is a good one if you’ve run out of cash – it’s time to cosy up and get comfortable. The weather’s taken a turn for the worse, and today we’re keeping […]

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Tenner Week Challenge September 2017 wardrobe maintenance Autumn fashion school uniform

Tenner Week Sep 2017: Day 6: New school uniform

Saturday’s Tenner Week activity is to get your clothes ready for the coming season, a bit like when you’re a little kid and you get your new school uniform for the coming term. But this time you get to choose all your own clothes, of course. If possible, try to create a mix and match […]

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Tenner Week September 2017 Day 5 Challenge yourself a little more push yourself a bit

Tenner Week Sep 2017: Day 5: Challenge yourself a little more

It’s Friday, and the Tenner Week Challenge is about to roll on into the weekend. Yesterday’s activity was about finding something new to learn, and today’s activity is about taking something that’s already familiar and challenging yourself a little more. With a lot of things in life it’s too easy to let things slip into […]

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Tenner Week September 2017 Day 3 Read rest relax tennerweek budget

Tenner Week Sep 2017: Day 3: Read, relax and rest

Hello. How’s your week going? Today is Day Three of our latest Tenner Week Challenge, with its ‘Back to School’ theme, and it’s sort of based on the saying of ‘not on a school night‘. The idea being that if you want to be at your best tomorrow, it’s a good idea to look after […]

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Tenner Week Sept 2017 Day 1 Make a menu tenner week £10 challenge

Tenner Week Sep 2017: Day 1: Make a menu

Hello! It’s the first official day of our Tenner Week challenge, as part of our ‘Back to School’ theme. As usual, the first day is all about making a menu plan to make sure you are going to be able to eat well for the week. If you haven’t looked at your food stores yet, […]

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Tenner Week Challenge £10 budget week September 2017

New Tenner Week Challenge starts on Monday!

Save the date! A new Tenner Week Challenge will be starting this coming Monday, so feel free to join in if you want (or need) to do some extreme budgeting and save some serious cash. The theme this time is ‘Back to school‘. It’s that time of year when the weather’s starting to change, and […]

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