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Frenchic furniture paint colour samples

An afternoon with Frenchic Furniture Paint

I’m just back from an event run on behalf of Frenchic Furniture Paint, and am now feeling totally inspired to start all kinds of upcycling and customisation projects around the home and garden. I’d heard of Frenchic before and thought their shade range was very attractive, but I hadn’t realised how broad their range of […]

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Ten smart ways to prevent waste Osram lightbulbs energy saving

Ten smart ways to reduce waste

Recent research by supplier of OSRAM lighting, LEDVANCE, found that millions of pounds are being wasted by UK households simply because we’re buying the wrong shape, size or fit lightbulbs. But what else are we Brits wasting? I’ve teamed up with LEDVANCE to bring you our top ten expert life hacks to prevent all kinds of waste. […]

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Everything 5 Pounds review 2017

My review of Everything 5 Pounds

I have finally gotten around to reviewing Everything £5 Pounds, AKA, the online fashion discount shop. Here’s a proper no-punches-pulled account of my shopping experience, and an appraisal of whether the pros outweigh the cons. About the company If you don’t know anything about them, Everything £5 Pounds sell a huge range of reduced-price […]

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June kitchen garden diary Penny Golightly

My June kitchen garden update

We’re enjoying a mini heatwave in the UK, and the garden is loving the sunshine and the general warmth, well, apart from some of the lettuces which are wilting all over the place. The tomato plants seem to be the happiest of all, especially the two Losetto plants which are already starting to trail over […]

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National Picnic Week how to avoid common problems and epic fails

National Picnic Week: How to avoid a #PicnicFail

It’s National Picnic Week, and there’s nothing I like more than an excuse to get out to the nearest park and have a good picnic. It’s a chance to enjoy the great outdoors, some delicious food and drink, and some excellent company. Perfect, what more could you want? Well… it doesn’t always work out like […]

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six things to do today that your future self will thank you for

Six thrifty things that Future You will thank you for

A small amount of effort and the cultivation of simple thrifty habits can pay dividends over time – even if you aren’t in the mood to do those little chores it’s worth pushing on and completing them. Yes, it’s very easy to be tempted by the quick hit that convenience brings, but it tends to […]

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British seasonal food in June ingredients in season UK

British seasonal food in June

British seasonal food is delicious in June, and buying in season tends to represent the best value. The summer has arrived, bringing a riot of new flavours and colours along with it. Suddenly there’s a huge array of soft fruit to enjoy, along with salads and fresh-tasting vegetables, and delicate elderflowers. Here’s the big list […]

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