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Powershop UK review

Powershop UK, a new way to buy electricity in your home

  I’ve just had the opportunity to try out Powershop UK, a different way to buy your electricity that’s just arrived in the UK, and I thought you might like to hear about how it works and how it could potentially help to cut your bills. Powershop launched in New Zealand in 2009, disrupting the […]

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Penny Golightly no spend month zero spend 2017 week one 1

My no-spend month, end of week one

It’s been seven days since I started doing my impromptu no-spend month, and so far it’s going okay… in spite of the woeful lack of planning. Because there was no time to plan ahead or stock up, I had to make a few allowances. These included keeping existing social commitments, allowing myself a drink whenever […]

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Golightly Gardens 2017

My 2017 kitchen garden grow list

I’m a massive fan of growing your own fruit, vegetables and herbs. It’s fresh, delicious and, if you’re reasonably savvy, it’s usually cheaper than buying them. There are no nearby allotments where we live, so I’ve turned some of our little back garden and windowsills over to home grown organic produce and it’s been quite […]

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The Ordinary skincare review one month on Deciem

The Ordinary skincare review one month on

A few weeks ago I started using some products from The Ordinary skincare and wrote an initial review. Now I’m back with a roundup post after using three of them for a whole month. Did it work? The three products I’ve been using for one month are: The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%, ‘High-Strength […]

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Penny Golightly no spend month zero spend 2017

My plans for a no-spend month

I mentioned last week that I was going to try to have a no-spend or zero spend month, and I’ve decided to start it on the 15th of March. I’ve never done a no-spend month before, so it could be a very strange experience. The most I’ve probably managed at any one time is about […]

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2017 goals March Penny Golightly

2017 Themes and goals: March

Let’s have a quick run down of what happened in February, then move on to some goal and intention setting for this month (March). The theme I picked for last month was ‘vitality‘. The goals were: Take 3 & 1/2 hours of moderate exercise + do 300 sit-ups weekly Eat at least five portions of […]

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Tenner Week Spring clean 10 challenge Day 7 seven Penny Golightly

Tenner Week March 2017: Day 7

Yes! We’ve made it to the final day of the current Tenner Week challenge – give yourself a nice big round of applause if you’ve been joining in! How’s your £10 budget holding up? Today is the last part of the Spring Cleaning theme – and you get to spring clean yourself. It’s a Sunday, […]

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