The £15 Face Challenge: The bold lip look & Cat flick eyes look

The £15 Face Challenge is back with some new ideas for updating that makeup bag for the coming season, once again aiming to get you looking more high end than high street. If you missed the last one it’s here.

As I mentioned previously, it’s easy enough to go into a high street chemist and randomly pile a few £2 and £3 bargain items into your basket, but it’s much trickier to put a coherent and stylish look together while keeping the total cost down. Don’t worry, I’ve got plenty of ideas for you.

Today’s £15-or-under faces are for The Bold Lip Look, and the Cat Flick Eyes Look, two of each.


Spring Summer 2017 makeup on a budget 15 pound face the bold lip bargain beauty

The bold lip look is a very strong look with bright or dark lipstick, and very little makeup on the rest of the face. This Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick (above) is great for a night out if you add a hint of gold and couple of coats of mascara. From left to right:

  • MUA Makeup Academy 6 shade eyeshadow palette in ‘Glamour Golds’, £3.50. Use a sweep of shadow in a shade slightly darker than your natural skintone for definition without looking overdone.
  • Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in ‘Golden Lights’, £3.00. Add a trace to cheekbones, temples and collar bones for a golden glow.
  • Rimmel Kate Moss anniversary lipstick in ‘Muse Red’, £6.49. Lovely striking pillar box shade of red, and it performs as well as many designer lipsticks. If your budget is tighter, try Makeup Revolution’s lipstick in ‘Red Carpet’ for only £3.00 (bringing the total down to £9.50).


Catwalk makeup looks for less The Bold Lip look designer dupes cheap cosmetics

This is a much softer way to style the bold lip look which is good for daytime and the workplace, and also for fairer skintones. You can pick all of this up for just over a tenner at Wilko.

  • Essence 2 in 1 eyeshadow & primer in ‘Nude Beige’, £2.80. Amazing quality base and shadow that evens out tone on the eyelids.
  • Essence 2 in 1 eyeshadow & liner in ‘Peach Perfect’, £2.80. Add a hint of colour and glow to lids and crease with this long lasting product.
  • Essence luminous matt bronzing powder in ’01 Sunshine’, £3.00. A big pan of matte bronzer with bonus highlighter shade in the middle to lightly sculpt the face and prevent looking washed out.
  • Essence sheer & shine lipstick in shade 13, £2.00. A fun and pigmented hot pink that’s easier to wear than an opaque colour.


For the full article about the Bold Lip Look and how to rock this trend beautifully on a budget, visit the main page.


Catwalk makeup looks on a budget ss17 feline flick eyes cat flick eye drugstore dupes for less

Now on to Feline flick eyes for a more made-up and vintage-inspired SS17 trend. Go as wild or as subtle as you like with a big flick of black liner, neutral eyeshadow, subtle blush, and matte or satin lipstick. Create this chic catwalk look for under £15.00 with lovely ladylike products you can pick up from Boots. Left to right:

  • Boots Seventeen High Drama liquid eyeliner, £3.99. Top performer for the price, with plenty of pigment and staying power. For beginners who want an easy application and a softer line, or to save £1, try Collection Extreme 24 Hour felt tip liner, £2.99.
  • NYX Nude Matte Eyeshadow in ‘Bare My Soul’, £4.50. Creamy, pigmented, blendable and just as good as similar products three times the price (gives Urban Decay a run for its money).
  • Makeup Obsession blush refill in ‘Babe / 109’, £3.00. You can get away without buying the matching palette for this dinky blusher. If you want to save an extra £1.01 try Boots Natural Collection Blushed Cheeks in ‘Pink Cloud’ or ‘Peach Melba’, £1.99.
  • Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Matte-Lip in ‘Pretty Muted’, £3.50. A very nice quality mini-size lip crayon, it’s comfortable to wear and a flattering shade on most people. You could also save an extra 51p and get a larger product with a Collection Lasting Colour Lipstick SPF15 in ‘China Rose’, £2.99.

With the top picks this comes in at a very reasonable £14.99, and with the cheaper substitutions the total is just £12.47. Not bad for four products and a whole new look, eh?


catwalk makeup looks for less ss17 cat flick eye look 2

Here’s another feline flick eyes look, and this time it’s one that you can pick up at Superdrug.

  • Collection fast stroke liquid eyeliner, £2.99. A bargain liner that holds its own against the expensive brands.
  • Freedom ProArtist matte eyeshadow refill in ’08’, £2.00. This is a pale/medium mushroom colour that’s pretty good quality for the price, although if you have a little more cash the Maybelline Color Tattoo Leather Effect eyeshadow in ‘Creamy Beige 98’, £5.99, is designer quality (pick a cheaper lipstick/blusher to come in under £15.00).
  • MUA Blush Perfection Duo in ‘Frolic’, £3.00. Nice easy-blend cream blush with one nude side and one pink. If you prefer powder or want to save £2.00 then try Makeup Revolution powder blusher in ‘Love’ or MUA Blusher in ‘Cupcake’ or ‘Candyfloss’, both good quality for only £1.00.
  • e.l.f. Matt Lip Color in ‘Tea Rose’, £4.50. Yes! This brand has just landed at Superdrug! A great soft matte lippie with a lovely mauve-pink colour, or spend an extra £1.50 to get a designer-standard e.l.f. Beautifully Bare Lipstick in ‘Touch of Pink’ with a satin finish and a larger amount of product, £6.00. If your budget is tighter, try a Makeup Revolution Iconic Nude Matte lipstick in ‘Lust’ (warm pink, £3.00).

The products pictured come to just £12.49, but with the cheapest picks you can get the price down as low as £8.99.


For the full article about the Cat Flick Eyes Look and how to do put it together for less, visit the main page.


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