Lindt Excellence Coconut Intense Dark Chocolate review

Lindt Excellence Coconut dark chocolate bar 100g review

Fancy a little treat? Today’s review is of Lindt Excellence Coconut Intense Dark Chocolate, and it’s a 100g bar with a soft filling.

It said on the packaging to put the chocolate in the fridge before serving it, but the weather was far too cold for that and I honestly think chocolate is best served at room temperature rather than chilled. So the advice was ignored and I proceeded at own risk. Anyway, I don’t think my lack of refrigeration had a negative effect at all, so we can all relax…

I picked out the coconut flavour in the supermarket because I wanted to close my eyes and pretend I was on a tropical island, not dodging between the raindrops on a rainy, dark, cold London afternoon. That worked, because it’s nicely tropical, although it also helps to sit near a radiator…

It was very coconutty, but it was more aromatic and delicate than a big chunk of coconut ice. Not too sickly sweet a filling either, which I prefer because it lets the flavours come out a bit better. The dark chocolate was just the right ratio to the filling, not too thick or chunky, and had enough character to stand up to the distinctive taste of coconut.

To sum up, this was what I’d go for if I wanted something a bit like a red bounty bar, but nicer quality and with more sophisticated flavours. A square or two of this is good with a cup of mid-morning coffee as well, for a pick me up.

Lindt Excellence Dark Chocolate with Coconut is currently £1.89 at Ocado or Tesco, and £2.00 at Sainsbury’s. If you like coconut, it’s definitely worth chucking a bar into your shopping basket. And should you become hooked, the Lindt website is currently doing six bars for £9.06.

Have you tried today’s treat yet?

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