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My no-spend month, end of week three

It’s now been three weeks since I started my impromptu no-spend month. So far I haven’t cracked and broken any of my self-imposed rules, but hey, there’s still more than enough time for that to happen and temptations are all around. Part of the reason for the success to date is that the rules weren’t […]

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What to sow and do in an April kitchen garden

If you’re thinking about growing your own fruit, vegetables and herbs this year, now’s a good time to get started, if you haven’t already. April is a month of green shoots and busy windowsills in the kitchen garden. Here are some ideas for what to sow, and a few jobs you can do in your […]

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My no-spend month, end of week one

It’s been seven days since I started doing my impromptu no-spend month, and so far it’s going okay… in spite of the woeful lack of planning. Because there was no time to plan ahead or stock up, I had to make a few allowances. These included keeping existing social commitments, allowing myself a drink whenever […]

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