Zeek app review UK Penny Golightly

Zeek voucher marketplace app review

Here’s a quick review of the new Zeek app for you. Can it help you to save or make money? Let’s see… Zeek has now arrived in the UK, and the best way to describe the app is that it’s a marketplace for gift vouchers. You can sell your unwanted vouchers on there for less […]

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tenner week April 2015 roundup

Tenner Week April 2015 Roundup

Time for a quick look back through the whole of last week’s Tenner Week. Did you join in? It was different here for three reasons. Firstly, because there was a theme (Get Ready for Summer), secondly because I didn’t do the TV Diet alongside the budget for the first time in I can’t remember, and […]

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big early spring bank holiday sales list

The big Early Spring Bank Holiday sales list

The shops, in their greater wisdom, have decided that some of us will be doing some bargain hunting with our extra day off over the weekend, and they’ve put together a few sales offerings. Here’s my list of the sales that I think will be worth a visit over the three day weekend. ASOS: Up […]

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Sunkissed Rapid Tan 60 minutes self tan mousse review

Sunkissed Rapid Tan mousse self tan review

This week’s Treat Under a Tenner is Sunkissed Rapid Tan, their new self tanning mousse. Here’s a review of how it performs. I’m very wary of self tanning products, as I’ve had the full range of problems with different ones over the years: allergic rashes, the delightful orangey tango effect you get with extra pale […]

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buying out of season

What to buy out of season to save the most money

Buying items and services out of season can save you a small fortune. Demand is low, and shops and warehouses want to make way for more in-demand seasonal items, so you can get some real clearance bargains if you know what to look for. A couple of small warnings though: if there’s anything you’ll be […]

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tenner week April 2015 day 7

Tenner Week April 2015: Day 7

It’s the last day of our latest Tenner Week challenge, and we’re finally into the home stretch. Let’s give it one more burst of energy. Today’s Mini Mission is to hunt around for holiday deals, including some ultra low cost options. First of all get inspired by looking at some travel magazines or blogs, or […]

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