jump start day 7

Jump Start: Self Care September: Day 7

It’s the last day of Food & Drink Week for this Jump Start month, and today we’re looking at a different way to help ourselves eat more healthily. Sometimes it isn’t all about what we eat and drink – it’s about how easy we make it for ourselves to eat in the way that we […]

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jump start self care september day 6 six

Jump Start: Self Care September: Day 6

So far we’ve looked at taking quite a few things out of our daily diets, such as excess salt and fizzy drinks. Today we’re going to add one thing in that could have good health benefits and, crucially, be delicious. It really helps if it’s tasty because it’s a win-win situation and it’s easier to […]

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Jump start self care september day five

Jump Start: Self Care September: Day 5

Happy Friday everybody! It’s Day 5 of Self Care September’s food and drink week, so let’s tuck in once more before the weekend gets started. Today’s activity is to have healthy and filling foods and meals that make you feel good. Eating like this can make you feel like you have more energy, and some […]

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Make money challenge laptop

Make Money Challenge: Week 1

Earlier this week I outlined my latest challenge – make some money, hopefully fairly fast, using supplementary sources of income. I’m trying to raise £300 so I can put that towards a new laptop, but you can set any target and goal that you like if you’re joining in. Pick something to aim for that’ll […]

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Jump Start Self Care September eat more fruit

Jump Start: Self Care September: Day 4

It’s Day Four of  our Healthy Food and Drink week, and living well on a budget couldn’t be simpler today. Let’s get fruity! Perhaps that might need a little rephrasing. Today’s easy-to-do activity is to have four portions of fruit. It’s easy to neglect your fruit and veg intake if you’re busy and rushed, so […]

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Jump Start: Self Care September: Day 3

Hope you’ve been taking extra good care of yourselves so far this week, especially if you’re the sort of person who’s always running around putting others first. Don’t forget, if you miss a day these tasks are all designed so that you can catch up. For example, you could do them all together on the […]

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Jump Start Self Care September day 2

Jump Start: Self Care September: Day 2

It’s another food and drink day, and this one should be either free or very cheap depending upon how you’re stocked. Time for some good, fresh, healthy food… Today’s activity is to avoid added salt. It’s easy to become fixated on refined sugar and saturated / trans fats in heavily processed foods, but the other […]

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Make Money Challenge: AKA the laptop fund

Time to make some extra money. I’ve recently realised it’s time to upgrade my trusty laptop and have decided to create a new Make Money Challenge. If you could use a little extra cash yourself, read on. Firstly, I’ve set a target for the amount I want to raise, as this has always helped with […]

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