tenner week lessons learning ideas tips observations

What I’ve learned from the Tenner Week challenge

Every time I do a Tenner Week challenge and live on £10 for a week I notice that my attitude shifts, and other things change too. Much of it is unexpected, and sometimes even counterintuitive. Here are a few examples of useful things that I’ve learned, plus one or two weird and wonderful observations. You […]

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Penny Golightly SwimShop UK review

Review of SwimShop.co.uk

I’ve recently had the opportunity to try out SwimShop for the first time, and thought you might like to know about my experience. If you aren’t already familiar with SwimShop, they’re a massive online retailer of swimsuits, swimming trunks and shorts, goggles, and all things swimming related. If you’re looking for something specific, chances are […]

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tenner week march 2015 day seven

Tenner Week March 2015: Day seven

It’s the seventh and final day of this latest Tenner Week challenge, and it’s time to see whether we’ve passed the budgeting test. Today’s simple activity is to get some fresh air, whether that’s going out for a walk or a bike ride, or getting into the garden or out onto the allotment. It is, […]

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tenner week march 2015 day six

Tenner Week March 2015: Day six

We’ve made it to the weekend! How’s your budget going? Today it doesn’t matter if you’ve spent the lot already, because the task is to go shopping with your points or gift vouchers. Gather up whatever you can find, which might include: Supermarket reward points High street chemist reward points Other store loyalty card points […]

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tenner week march 2015 day five

Tenner Week March 2015: Day five

  We’ve made it all the way to Friday – have you spent all your tenner yet? Today’s activity should help you hang on to your precious cash for a little while longer. In grand Tenner Week tradition, today is Freebie Friday. Let’s get out there and find lots of free goodies! What could you […]

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