Freebies freebies freebies #7

Some interesting looking freebies and samples for you this week. Be quick though, some of them won’t be around for long – snap ’em up!

  • Free samples of Carte Noire coffee on Facebook, handy for work/travel
  • Brilliant Matrix of Modern Life science poster from BBC3 and Open Uni
  • Free sample of Lucozade Revive with lemongrass and ginger (before 3pm)
  • Free Yorkshire tea samples, most likely to be their soft water version
  • Coupons plus free baby weaning spoons from Bebivita
  • Free 30-day trial of Acuvue daily disposable contact lenses (NB: fitting fees may apply at some suppliers, probably best to call ahead first)

Have you seen any excellent freebies of your own? Do tell…

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