Jump Start January debt week debt repayment strategy

Jump Start Jan: Debt Week Day 5

If you’ve already taken steps to stabilise your finances and stop your debts becoming worse, it’s time to think about strategies for debt repayment. You have a number of options, but some of them are smarter than others, as we’ll see. Option 1: Keep making the monthly minimum repayments. This will certainly keep your creditors off […]

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Serious debts

Jump Start Jan 2016: Serious debts

As promised, we’re looking at debt for the next few days. If you don’t have any debts then congratulations! However, if you have debts and you’re worried that they’re serious, keep reading for some emergency contacts. For serious debts, always start by seeking advice and support from a non-profit service rather than going to a […]

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Jump Start Jan 2016 Debt Week Day 3

Jump Start Jan: Debt Week Day 3

We started with looking for danger signs your debt is becoming toxic, then we moved on to creating a full picture of what you owe. Here’s the next step to driving down and deleting debt: taking action to prevent debts becoming worse. This step is essential and it needs to be carried out quickly. It […]

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Jump Start January Debt Week Day 2 paperwork and record keeping

Jump Start Jan 2016: Debt Week Day 2

Welcome back to Day 2 of Debt Week. Are you looking to tackle your debts*, but you don’t know quite where to start? Or maybe you’re scared to get started because that would mean that you really did have a problem? Either way, there is a simple, methodical way to begin to get to grips […]

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Debt week day 1

Jump Start Jan: Debt Week

Are you worried about debt? Don’t keep it to yourself, it’s better to get some support. This week we’ll be taking a broad look at debt, including the danger signs, ways to escape, and places to get safe help. Here’s a quick rundown of the days: Day 1: Debt danger signs (today, see below) Day […]

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Tenner Week Penny Golightly Jan 2016 Day 7

Jump Start Jan 2016: Tenner Week Day 7

It’s the last day of this Tenner Week challenge – are you managing to get by on a budget of £10? Today’s activity is to commit a random act of kindness. You don’t need to make any grand gestures today. Unless, of course. you’re a grand gestures kind of person, in which case go right […]

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