Rest and Relax Week: Day 2

Day Two of our ‘rest and relax’ week is all about getting a better night’s sleep, which follows on from yesterday’s bedroom tidying. Most of the things that can help you to sleep better are completely free too, so this one could be very thrifty as well as being energising and life enhancing… There are […]

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Rest and Relax Week: Day 1 and schedule

We are now at the start of our fourth and final week of the September Jump Start challenge, and the theme of this week is ‘Not on a school night’! It’s all about getting plenty of rest and relaxation, and hopefully being more bright eyed and bushy tailed in the mornings during the working week. […]

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Tenner Week: Day 7: Sport or fitness day

It’s the final day of our £10 budgeting challenge with its theme of ‘Back to class’. Today’s thrifty activity is to make your own PE class or sports day, on your own terms as a grown up – nobody’s marking you out of 10, and it isn’t going on your end of year report card […]

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Tenner Week: Day 6: Art class day

It’s Day Six of our ‘Back to class’ Tenner Week challenge. Today’s free, or very cheap, activity is to have your own ‘art class’ and have some fun being creative. Cut loose and try something new, or simply paint like no-one’s looking. You don’t have to create a masterpiece today, just enjoy the process and […]

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Tenner Week: Day 5: Hit the library

It’s the fifth day of our latest ‘Back to class’ Tenner Week challenge, and today we’re looking for free or very cheap books to read. Let’s go looking for some! If you have time today, set a few minutes aside for reading as well, if you like. It’s completely up to you what sort of […]

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Tenner Week: Day 4: Documentary day

Our activity for Day Four of this Tenner Week challenge should hopefully be relatively easy to do, and it might also be life affirming, troubling or inspiring. We’re going to find a documentary to watch, ideally for free. You can pick any documentary format you like, from a feature length film to a TV show, […]

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