Win the Theory of Everything DVD

Win a The Theory of Everything DVD!

In the mood to win a copy of a multi-award-winning film? Try your luck – we have a copy of The Theory of Everything up for grabs on DVD. It’s only won an Oscar, three BAFTAs and two Golden Globes, so, er, no biggie. Seriously though, it’s a beautifully made film starring the deservedly raved […]

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Patisserie de Bain Softening Shower Creme gel wash sweet vanilla madeleine review Penny Golightly

Cafe de Bain Softening Shower Creme review

It’s about time we had another gorgeous affordable little treat, so here’s something to make your morning shower much more delicious: a review of the Cafe de Bain shower creme range. Although they’re all lovely, my favourite is the Sweet Vanilla Madeleine, because – let’s face it – you don’t get many opportunities to mention […]

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how to improve your credit rating Penny Golightly

How to improve your credit rating

Having a favourable credit rating is important because it means you’re likely to get a better deal when you’re looking for a mortgage, a new credit card, a mobile phone contract, and many other transactions that are part of everyday modern life. Your credit score can affect how much you’re allowed to borrow, what rate […]

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how to stop prevent impulse purchase shopping spending

Seven ways to stop impulse spending

We’ve all suffered from moments of impulse spending at some time in our lives, or made unwanted impulse purchases that we’ve later regretted. Here are seven of the best tried and tested ways to prevent yourself from spending impulsively. 1. Stick to cash Credit cards, PayPal, contactless payments and other, newer instant payment methods make […]

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