Tenner Week: Day 5: Hit the library

It’s the fifth day of our latest ‘Back to class’ Tenner Week challenge, and today we’re looking for free or very cheap books to read. Let’s go looking for some! If you have time today, set a few minutes aside for reading as well, if you like. It’s completely up to you what sort of […]

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Tenner Week: Day 4: Documentary day

Our activity for Day Four of this Tenner Week challenge should hopefully be relatively easy to do, and it might also be life affirming, troubling or inspiring. We’re going to find a documentary to watch, ideally for free. You can pick any documentary format you like, from a feature length film to a TV show, […]

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Tenner Week: Day 3: Practical skills day

Today we’re looking for some free non-academic ways to learn, as part of the ‘Back to class’ Tenner Week budgeting challenge. It made me think back to school where you could do practical classes like woodwork, 3D, ceramics, cooking, sewing, health & relationships and all kinds of stuff like that. All you have to do […]

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Tenner Week: Day 2: Attend a lecture

For Day Two of our latest ‘Back to school’ Tenner Week challenge, we’re going to find an interesting lecture or talk to attend. Sometimes you can learn more from an interesting half hour presentation than you can from many hours of reading or other study, especially if it’s given by an entertaining or expert speaker. Even better, […]

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Tenner Week: Day 1: Learn a new recipe

Our latest Tenner Week theme is ‘Back to class’, and we’re trying a new type of lesson every day.  For Day One it’s time for some home grown home economics – let’s track down and make a new recipe, as well as making a quick menu for the week. If you didn’t do the Sunday […]

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Tenner Week: Day 0: Sunday stocktake

Our latest Tenner Week budgeting challenge officially starts tomorrow, but you might like to get ahead of things today with an optional Sunday Stocktake. You’re living on a budget of £10 for your personal spending, and here’s a quick reminder of the Tenner Week Rules so you know exactly what’s included and what isn’t. The […]

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